Managing stress

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Stress at work is chronic. It impacts on our health, happiness, productivity, motivation and satisfaction. For that reason, it is important to have some great stress management skills and strategies. The articles below provide some useful, practical information about how to manage stress.

Poi for your health  Poi at Work: Spin Your Way to a Healthy Future!

New research shows that poi is good for both the body and mind, and may be the key to spinning your way to a healthy future!

Manage Stress Slim down your stress, manage your weight

Latest research shows that ill-managed stress can impact on our ability to maintain a healthy body weight.

napping in chair Can Sleeping on the Job Really be this Good for You?

Ever experienced that early afternoon slump at work, just after lunch? Well apparently that’s quite natural and in fact, could be the ideal time for a Power Nap!!                                    

 dog treadmill Too busy and stressed to have fun at work? 7 ways to break the busyness habit and flourish?

Busyness has become a habit. Constantly busy lives can makes us stressed and sick, leaving us wondering what life is all about. We suggest 7 ways to break the busyness habit and flourish in our personal and business lives.

Bullying at work is no fun for anyone Workplace bullying: no fun for anyone!

Bullying a problem in many workplaces and appears to cross all industries and occupations. So, how can you tell if you are being bullied? Or worse still, how can you tell if you are being a bully?

good breathing"Good Breathing" Corrects Posture and Boosts Energy at Work   

Breathing…it’s an action we do about 100,000 times each week of our lives. And for most of the time we are not even consciously aware that we are breathing, let alone whether we are breathing well. “Good Breathing” is however essential to healthy posture and positive energy levels

New coping strategiesHow do you cope when life throws a curved ball? Try these new ideas for proactive stress management

The latest ‘coping research’ identifies new proactive stress management strategies for coping with unforeseen events.

no stress relax at work Need a relaxing way to manage stress at work?

Promoting relaxation is one amazing strategy to counter stress at work. This article explains what relaxation is, how to relax and how to help your staff relax.

dog to work Pets at work! Taking the pooch to work leads to satisfaction and less stress!

A recent study has shown that taking a dog to work leads to greater job satisfaction, better workplace communication and less stress.