Satisfaction at work

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Engaging staff has been recognised as a key to motivation and productivity. This page includes information on staff satisfaction useful to businesses, as well as information to help us all satisfied and happy at work. 

meaningful work What is meaningfulful work? How to achieve satisfaction at work

Do you want meaningful work? Do you want to provide meaningful work in your workplace? Associate Professor Marjolien Lips-Wiersma has conducted extensive research on what makes work meaningful.

Happy person Grumpy of Grateful? Is your attitude good for your health?

New research suggests that our attitude has a significant impact on our health and happiness. And, you guessed it, being grumpy does not generally result in a long, healthy, happy life!

Brain-ExerciseLose it or Use it - Are you giving your Brain Enough Exercise?

To ensure top performance, our brains need exercised just like our bodies! This includes breaking our routine at times, in order to build connections.  

Cheeky monkeys having funI hate my job: 19 cheeky strategies that might just help!

What do you do when you work sucks, but you can't leave your job because you need the money? Try these cheeky strategies to help make work more fun!

customer service funBe yourself at work and make customer service fun!

Try these 5 strategies that can help you be be real with customers and have more fun!

  Team Having FunAtWork Is Fun at work good for business?

Fun at work is often promoted as a tool to positively energise and motivate staff. However, what kind of fun at work is good for business? And, how is it best to promote fun at work? 

present  How to motivate at team through corporate giving

Being a company that gives to the wider community has many benefits for both individual staff and business. We examine some of the benefits below, including team building and staff motivation and engagement.  

team building fun at work Is Your Team-building 'Fun' Missing the Point?

Looking to boost morale or reward staff with a Team Building event? Fun is no straightforward strategy and getting it right can be a serious business. In this article we discuss some elements that ensure your team building is on target.

Employee-Engagement Motivation at work - An idiot's guide to employee Engagement

Surveys measuring employee engagement have become increasingly common. However, the data are misinterpreted, misunderstood, and result in wasted time and money. This doesn’t have to be the case however.

productivity key WIN-WIN - Increase workplace productivity and improve workplace positivity!

Increasing workplace productivity requires innovative and inclusive workplaces, where anyone's ideas are valid. Sounds like a most positive, joyful place to work! 

dog to work Pets at work! Taking the pooch to work leads to satisfaction and less stress!

A recent study has shown that taking a dog to work leads to greater job satisfaction, better workplace communication and less stress. 

Fun at work Y gen X gen baby boomer How to manage fun at work across the Baby Boomer, Gen X and Y Generations

If you want to manage fun at work across the generations, it could be well worth taking their differences seriously! 

Making customer service funImprove customer service by making work fun!

Research suggests that staff who have fun at work provide better customer service. Here are 8 great tips to help customer service more fun!

 officeplants  Greening up the office has great benefits!

Research carried out in recent years has shown that adding indoor plants into your office workspace has many benefits not only for the environment but also for the staff that work there.

 Workers having fun exercisingCorporate wellness requires fun at work to work!

Experienced workplace wellness providers argue that the key to ensuring enthusiastic involvement, is to make programmes fun. Start with fun and you are set for success! We suggest 5 key ways to ensure wellness programs are fun.