Occupational health  

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Occupational health deals with the prevention and treatment of job-related injuries and illnesses. It involves the identification and control of the risks arising from physical, chemical, and other workplace hazards in order to establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

flu-jab-1 Do annual flu vaccinations provide optimum protection

Every year as we head into autumn the same dilemma arises for many of us: Should we get our annual flu jab or not? Is it worth it? Is it safe?

man sneezing Office Hygiene – Reducing the Risk of the Common Cold

In this article we take a look at what the common cold virus is and how it spreads. We also offer some practical ideas on what you and your company can do to help reduce the risk of infection.                      

 badbreathDo I Smell? - Lifting the Lid on Body Odour at Work 

Ever experienced the following? Your body has silently “passed wind” and you make a hurried exit from the scene of the crime leaving someone else to discover the evidence! Or maybe this has happened to you? Last night you ate a lovely garlic-loaded meal and this morning some of our work colleagues aren’t that keen about having close conversation with you?!

 heart disease long hours Long hours at work cause heart disease! 

Recent research has found that people who work eleven or more hours per day have a 60% higher risk of heart-related problems than those who work a normal eight hour day. Find out what you can do to reduce work hours.

HeartManBaby, Baby, Can’t you hear my Heartbeat?: How a defibrillator at work could save your life

Back in the 1960’s when Herman Hermits originally sang the song Baby, Baby, Can’t you hear my Heartbeat?, it was all about how love can make your heart beat in a strange (and exciting) way. That’s the wonderful side to the story of irregular heartbeats. However, there is also a more serious side.

Large person at desk The Real Cost of Obesity at Work

Oscar (O.C.) or better known as Oscar Office Chair, was complaining to me recently about his increasingly heavy work-loads and the longer working hours that he has had to endure over the last few years. I realise as an HR Manager I need to take action and start encouraging staff to live a healthy lifestyle!