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Teambuilding is a word that is used in modern workplaces to refer to practices that build bonds, loyalty and friendship within teams. This strategy reflects a recognition that work environment impacts on the way that people think, feel and act. Research has shown team cohesion contributes to satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

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New research shows that poi is good for both the body and mind, and may be the key to spinning your way to a healthy future!

 Team Having FunAtWork Is Fun at work good for business?

Fun at work is often promoted as a tool to positively energise and motivate staff. However, what kind of fun at work is good for business? And, how is it best to promote fun at work?

present  How to motivate at team through corporate giving

Being a company that gives to the wider community has many benefits for both individual staff and business. We examine some of the benefits below, including fun team building and staff motivation and engagement. 

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Looking to boost morale or reward staff with a Team Building event? Fun is no straightforward strategy and getting it right can be a serious business. In this article we discuss some elements that ensure your team building is on target.

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One of the hardest challenges to deal with at work is the death of a close colleague. In this article we take a look at different stages of the grief process and how one workplace helped their staff through this difficult timeā€¦

 Workers having fun exercisingCorporate wellness requires fun at work to work!

Experienced workplace wellness providers argue that the key to ensuring enthusiastic involvement, is to make programmes fun. Start with fun and you are set for success! We suggest 5 key ways to ensure wellness programs are fun.