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Hybrid Working - the new "norm" for office work

on Sunday, 17 October 2021. Posted in Wellness Programme Design, Mental Wellbeing

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In the last few months, the term “Hybrid Working” has gained popularity around the world. It refers to the way many companies are having to reconfigure their staff working arrangements during & after Covid. 

“Hybrid Working” involves having a flexible working model which allows employees to work from a variety of different locations. Just like a hybrid car which can seamlessly transition between its electric or petrol motors, “hybrid working” implies that there is a seamless transition between working from home and working in the office.

There is no doubt that modern technology has allowed Hybrid Working to happen without too many “technical glitches”. But, is hybrid work as simple as it sounds? How has it been for the people involved?

Some of the benefits:

  1. Increased productivity – “travel-to-the office” time is often converted to worktime sitting in front of the computer, plus there are less distractions at home than the office.
  2. Increased job satisfaction – when staff can decide where to work each day, they experience a greater sense of control of both their work and home life.

Some of the down sides:

  1. Not everyone enjoys working away from the office because they feel isolated. This can lead to mental health issues that need to be addressed.
  2. Not everything can be achieved from the home office (e.g., due to technology limitations or impracticability of creative collegial meetings etc.)
  3. Lack of incidental office interruptions can lead to staff not taking regular breaks.
  4. Often the home office is poorly set up, ergonomically speaking, resulting a lot more pain and discomfort. For help with remote ergonomic set-up see:

For many companies and staff the advantages of Hybrid Working out weighs the disadvantages. It is therefore likely that this mode of working will continue during Covid and Beyond!

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