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I hate my job: 19 cheeky strategies that might just help!

on Thursday, 12 October 2017. Posted in Satisfaction At Work

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We are often expected to act very serious and earnest at work. This earnestness is meant to reflect our loyalty to the company and its core values. That said, it can be very hard to feel part of the ‘company family’ when management do not appear to walk their own talk! It is however possible to be committed to doing a good job, while at the same time cheering ourselves up with a little healthy, cheeky fun!

‘I hate Mondays’ – Find some inspiration

Last Sunday I met a friend in a café for a catch up. The first thing she said to me was that she couldn’t bear the thought of going to work on Monday. ‘I hate my job’ she declared. We dissected her work and found lots of things to grumble about: an insensitive, unkind boss; poor contract terms; and difficulty trusting upper management who seemed to engage in double-talk – saying one thing and doing another. The big problem was, that my friend had to go to work. She has two kids and needed the money!

We began to brainstorm some fun strategies that she could engage in at work to make it at least tolerable! We were cautious not to include selfish and unethical practices. However, we did get a little cheeky! I include some of our ideas below.

Try these fun at work strategies when work sucks:

  1. Plan all your outfits for that week on Sunday night, knowing that you will at least get joy from what you wear - we have a friend who does this all the time and it works for them!
  2. Surprise people by wearing a particularly bright coloured or otherwise interesting outfit to work and acting extremely perky and happy
  3. Wear your favourite sexy underwear to work and feel happy in the knowledge that your love yourself!
  4. Wear a suspender belt and stockings (or a garter) under your sensible skirt or trousers
  5. Bring some curious items from home to decorate your desk
  6. Go out of your way to be kind and thoughtful to people who are usually nasty to you and watch their reaction
  7. Tell someone who never talks to you how much you like their outfit
  8. Suggest to management a social activity that would support the official company values and see how they respond – will they rise to the occasion?
  9. Buy each of your work-team a small, cute soft-toy
  10. Suggest a shared lunch where everyone brings something of a particular colour
  11. Ask management who generally seem indifferent to you, about something close to their heart i.e. their family, hobbies, student days - I have done this and at times someone has totally opened up and I couldn't get them to stop talking!
  12. Email a joke to your team, including management
  13. Email your whole team on Monday morning, including management with a big HELLO
  14. Go out of your way to make the day of the lowliest person in the company
  15. Start singing at work as you walk through the corridors
  16. Think about where you would like to go on holiday if you had all the money in the world. Find a great screens-saver of the location and put this on your desk-top
  17. Go through a whole day eating impossibly healthy food
  18. Do everything for God (or a higher power) knowing that there is at least someone who cares about you doing a good job!
  19. Go out for regular walks and get some fresh air. Bounce back into the office with a light-hearted skip in your step and smile at everyone. Or, perhaps smile secretly to yourself, so they wonder what you have to be so happy about!

Conclusion – I hate Mondays, but I can at least have a little fun at work!

Sometimes we need some useful strategies to feel like we can remain sane and healthy, amidst a toxic work environment. We can do good things for ourselves, while at the same time trying to lighten the atmosphere for others. We hope our ideas have helped. However, you may have some of your own.


Dr Kathryn Owler, Director of

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