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8 Ways to encourage staff attendance at health seminars

on Sunday, 28 April 2019. Posted in Wellness Programme Design

Attending training

Companies concerned to promote good staff wellbeing, will often provide health seminars for their staff. These generally cover valuable topics such as stress management, good nutrition and work-life balance. Even though the sessions are free and generally short, it is sometimes difficult to encourage busy staff to take the time out to attend.

Below are tried and tested strategies to help encourage attendance:

1. Supply a healthy lunch or morning tea to entice people along (sometimes such events are advertised as ‘Lunch and Learn’ seminars)

2. Supply free-bees in addition to lunch e.g. water bottles (bearing in mind environmental issues)

3. Provide a lucky-door prize or team with the most attendees prize

4. Gain management support for all or a portion of the session to be in work time

5. Integrate sessions into an event already happening e.g. regular team meeting

6. Gain Senior Leadership endorsement and support for the event (a powerful tool!):

  • Let it be known that Senior Management will attend the session
  • Senior Management might even open the session
  • Senior Management could also send the communications out encouraging attendance

7. Arrange for training to fulfil professional staff learning and development requirements e.g. personal development component for law, accounting and health professions

8. Link the seminar to a national health campaign (e.g. Heart Week, Breast Cancer Awareness Week) and ask for a Gold Coin donation for the charity.

9. Advertise the seminar and encourage people to come and bring a voluntary gold coin donation for a charity that the organisation often supports.

These 9 strategies can be very effective in encouraging staff attendance. I’ve either seen them in action, or had others who’ve used them describe them to me. That said, it can also be a matter of trial and error to see what works in your workplace. If there are other good strategies you’ve used, please let me know and I’ll add them to this blog!

Author: Dr Kathryn Owler (Joyworkz company director/Accredited Wellness WiseTM practitioner)

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