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The Wedge Cushion (Anterior tilt cushion)

Wedge Cushion 011013

One secret to healthy sitting is learning how to maintain your spine in its natural balanced S Shape, rather than falling back into a C shaped slouch. The Wedge Cushion (Anterior Tilt Cushion) actively promotes this by providing your pelvis with a slight tilt forward. This helps to restore the natural S Shape curve to the spine which places your body back into the most ergonomically efficient seated position.

See the video clip of Dr Waseem Bashir on TV3, Campbell Live:

Key features & benefits:

  • High quality foam with 'attractive', hard wearing remove-able Non Slip Cover.
  • Colour: Tan. Foam Density: FIRM
  • Guarantee: 2 Years


39cm wide x 33cm deep x 10cm high, 15 degree tilt.

Recommended for:

  • Office based workers without anterior tilt in chair
  • Those suffering from lower back (lumbar) discomfort

Not recommended for:

  • Sitting on when driving in a car

What is your investment?

Price per Cushion: $70 plus GST (+ postage and packaging)

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