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'Love Your Work' Programme - delivery and pricing

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One to one (or two) training:

Training takes place either 1:1 or with 2 friends and the trainer. It is conducted via skype (or similar platform). 

Training is offered to workers within New Zealand, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. 

The six sessions are pre-booked, before the training begins. 

Your investment includes:

  • Personalised training at a time pre-agreed between yourself and the trainer.
  • A fun, comprehensive six week programme designed to teach you practical skills to reinvigorate your work-life.
  • Resource sheets at the end of each session that you can use during the programme and in the future. 
  • FREE membership of a closed, moderated, Facebook group for Love Your Work Programme participants (during and beyond the completion of the training). This allows you and others to share stories, tips and inspiration. 
  • A FREE copy of the book: Fun at Work: A Journey of Acceptance, Joy and True Meaning. This book was written by the trainer. It will be mailed to you once you have completed the programme and the evaluation form. 

Pricing options: 

Individual (training for one individual and the trainer)

Either: NZ $575.00 (incl. GST) + free facebook closed group membership + free book

Or: Two payments of NZ $325.00 (incl. GST) made prior to the first and third sessions + free facebook closed group membership + free book 

For two friends (training for two friends with the trainer)

NZ $325.00 (incl. GST) for each person + free facebook closed group membership + free book

NOTE: Sessions must pre-booked and agreed upon by all parties before the training begins.

How to pay:

NZ residents will be invoiced (sessions will be booked following payment of the invoice). 

Those outside NZ will be sent a link via email for paypal or credit card payment (sessions will be booked following payment).

Letter for employer available:

If you need a letter for your employer, in order to secure funding for this training, please let us know. We are happy to forward a lettter that outlines the goal, content and expected outcomes of the training. 


We guarantee that this programme will discuss practical skills that you can use to help you enjoy your work more. However, if after completing the programme and practicing these skills, your believe your ability to enjoy work has not improved, we will provide you with a 100% refund.

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