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'Love Your Work' Programme Content - 6 Weeks

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Take the opportunity to pause, reflect, take stock of your situation and learn new strategies, in a structured, supportive environment. Most sessions last for 1 hour and there are some follow-up actions that take about 45 minutes per week. That's right, you'll have to do a bit of work yourself on this course. But, the more you put in, the more you get out and participants generally find the activities really enjoyable and very useful. 

Week 1 – Open to Possibility – 1.5 hours 

By the end of this session, you will have the tools to move from feeling stuck and uncertain about your work, to feeling in control and open to possibility. You will be starting to enjoy your work more as you live out your personal values or priorities in the present. You will also become more aware of options available to you, as you start to plan your ideal work scenario. Over the following week you will start noticing changes in your attitude to work. You will also be using practical strategies to stay positive and expectant of good things for the future.

Week 2 – Managing our emotions – 1 hour 

In this session, you will be given the tools to process negative emotions in a healthy way – moving from stress to a sense of excitement and empowerment. You will start to view your emotions as ‘action signals’ providing you with important information. In addition, you will gain the confidence to embrace each work day, as you learn to manage unhelpful, negative thoughts in positive, proactive, ways.

Week 3 – Designing our Perfect Job – 1.5 hours

People who love their work are adept at what is called ‘job crafting’. This week you will be learning the skills involved in this process - taking your job and finding ways, however small, to make it your own. You will learn what activities provide you with optimum engagement and enjoyment and explore ways to integrate these further into your work day. You will also learn to identify outdated beliefs and assumptions and uncover ‘hidden’ opportunities in your current work situation.

Week 4 – Setting healthy boundaries – 1 hour

Healthy boundary setting is an important skill that can help reduce stress and discontent at work. This session will help you learn to recognise what you ‘want’, and, when and how to set constructive boundaries. As you learn to set helpful boundaries over the coming weeks, you will experience a greater sense of personal peace.

Week 5 – Healthy communication – 1 hour

During this session you will tap into your personal power and become more equipped with effective tools to communicate your needs and assert useful boundaries. Over the next week you will have the opportunity to explore these strategies, in order to help build respectful and healthy work (and life) relationships.

Week 6 – Planning for success – 1 hour

Over the last five weeks you have started to live your personal priorities in the present, finding ways to love your work NOW! You have been learning to better manage your emotions and started to design your perfect job. This includes setting positive boundaries and communicating your needs in healthy ways. The final session of the programme will help you prioritise any further actions for the coming months, in order to build on the good work you have already begun. 

Important Disclaimer: This programme is designed as a training programme. It is not intended that the trainer will provide professional counselling to the trainee. If difficult, personal issues arise for the trainee during the programme it is strongly recommended that the trainee seeks the services of a professional counsellor (such as through Employment Assistance Programme (EAP) services).


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