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Convenient, effective wellness & health and safety on-site training

Do you need help to encourage staff in healthy, safe life-style and work practices including stress prevention, time-management, healthy eating & OOS prevention? Don't know where to begin?  lunchbag paper bag 1

Short informative wellness seminars

Try our short, 50-60 minutes effective on-site training in a fun, friendly atmosphere. In our experience, is often difficult for companies to take staff off the job for a whole days training. The loss of a working day can be expensive can also place staff under additional pressure. We have found that companies appreciate our flexibility in being able to provide short, inexpensive but effective training sessions.

Experienced, qualified trainers

Our facilitators have seen the impact of stress in their own lives and learnt the hard way to start making healthy, positive choices. Deciding how to work hard and stay well has been a challenging journey. This has included study in various health and academic professions. As a result our trainers now feel enthusiastic, full of motivation and energy. They are committed to using their hard won skills and experience to helping others stay well and energetically bounce into work each morning!

Convenient wellness and health & safety training at lunch-time

We come to you! We offer in-house training that is conveniently timed so as not to disrupt work-flow and busy staff. Companies often book our training during lunch-time.

Excellent value for money!

Employee wellness is a growing concern for New Zealand businesses as poor employee health, obesity and high stress can impact on performance and productivity. Wellness training provides employees with practical skills. Staff also appreciate training as it shows that you care! This encourages loyalty, commitment and retention, which are invaluable commodities for any business.

Common questions about our wellness training...

What if my workplace has unique issues? Each facilitator will have a chat with you when booking the presentation to ensure they emphasise components of the presentation that best meet your needs.

How do I know this training will be effective? Our facilitators are experienced and have trained in a number of workplaces and industries. Please see some testimonials below. Our training is most effective if workplaces have an effective health and safety policy in place. (If you need assistance with developing such a policy, please let us know).

A range of benefits:

  • Staff will experience an interesting, enjoyable, practical training session!
  • Staff will feel respected and cared for!
  • Companies will enjoy the productivity benefits of happier, healthier, more engaged staff!

Wellness and health and safety training seminar topics:

We provide a range of Lunch-time in-house seminars for workplaces and learning institutions. This includes training on wellness and health and safety training:

  • Standing up to Stress – Stand up to stress and take back control of your life! This seminar includes training on general and workplace stress. It takes a look at what stress is (including signs and symptoms) and discusses three simple but powerful weapons to combat physiological stress in the workplace: Good Food, Good Exercise and Good Sleep.
  • Beat Stress and Boost Mental Health – This workshop aims to help people manage stress, build resilience and boost mental health and wellbeing. These days stress, anxiety and depression are common at work. However, there are some simple actions that we can build into our daily lives, to help maintain good mental wellbeing. This short, interactive workshop focuses primarily on the emotional, rather than the physiological, aspects of stress.
  • Effective Strategies to Enjoy your Work More - Let's face it, we spend a good deal of our time at work, so we may as well have a great time at work! Dr Kathryn Owler has been in pursuit of fun at work for many years, carrying out academic research on the topic but also by learning hands-on through her own tussles with life. In this seminar she shares some effective and fun strategies from her recently published book for achieving enjoyment and satisfaction at work.
  • Managing Time, Managing Self – Managing time is all about managing yourself! It is about prioritising what is most important to you. This seminar highlights the need to prioritise tasks, how to recognize the most productive times of the day, makes suggestions on how to manage your work load and provides essential tips for managing emails and other on-line communications i.e. the new "in tray".
  • Be a Happy Computer User – Are you a desk bound office worker? Do you work on a computer some of the time? Computer use doesn't have to lead to pain and discomfort. This seminar provides information about the causes of OOS, RSI, DPI and Trigger Points. It talks about ways to avoid pain and discomfort including regular movement during the day, as well as stretching and other strategies.
  • Working Well across the Generations - Discover the differences between the Baby Boomers, X, and Y Gens! Learn how to communicate better with each group and find out what each group really wants. Included in this seminar are great tips on how to work better within inter-generational work-teams.

Some client feedback about our lunchtime seminars:

"Many thanks for your presentation today – there was some great feedback from the team about the value of your presentation and am sure everyone took away something to help them handle stress". Katie Noble, Managing Director, Allied Medical Ltd

"JoyWorkz key approach is fun based and with the use of visual, audio, hands on and humour the presentations made the day incredibly informative, constructive and enjoyable. I can certainly recommend their approach to any workplace." Steve Furlong (Accountant), Furlong and Associates

"JoyWorkz [presented two] courses for our branch on OOS/DPI and stress prevention. We felt the courses were well designed and helped us to develop positive habits and attitudes. On behalf of the team and on my personal behalf, thank you very much!" Qemajl Murati (Immigration Manager), Refugee Quota Branch, Department of Labour

"Kathryn Owler and Ross Thomson from JoyWorkz...were engaging and knowledgeable speakers who actively involved the class and gave a relevant and interesting presentation. They were professional, approachable and enthusiastic. I look forward to including their material in the syllabus in the future." Rachel Morrison Ph.D. (Senior Lecturer), AUT Faculty of Business

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What is your investment?

Depending where your business is located, the prices are as follows:

Auckland: Inner City Location

$395.00 plus G.S.T

Auckland: Outer City Location

$395.00 plus G.S.T (plus possible additional travel costs)