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Home Office/Remote Work Ergonomic Solutions


Step One - ‘Remote Work Ergonomic Webinar’ for groups (50 minutes)

This webinar provides education for workers on correct ergonomic set-up for a home-based office. It is most suitable for a company with a number of employees working from home who want to ensure that their home office is ergonomically sound. The webinar takes around 40 minutes, followed by time for questions. 

Webinar Objectives:

At the end of the webinar, employees will be able to:

  • Identify a specific space for work that is safe and pleasing to work in, without distractions e.g. from family life.
  • Carry out their own ergonomic set-up, step-by-step including correct heights for chair, desk and monitors. This includes standing desk options.
  • Identify any additional hardware requirements e.g. desks, chairs, footrests, keyboards, mice (includes suggestions for improvising with what they have at home, until best equipment can be accessed).
  • Access good stretching advice and engage in regular movement to minimise discomfort.
  • Access refresher information on the Joyworkz website if they need a reminder in the future about information covered.

Delivered via Zoom (or similiar platform), with a chat function. The webinar can also be delivered as a seminar, on-site at your Auckland based premises.

Step Two - Individual Workstation Assessment for acute cases

This comprehensive individual assessment is conducted via Zoom (or similiar platform) with an individual working from home. This option is particularly suitable for someone presently experiencing DPI (discomfort, pain or injury). The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. A full report will be provided to management covering changes made and any recommendations.

The procedure follows the same process as for a face-to-face workstation assessment. For full details of what's covered, please go to the Workstation Assessment page. However, the individual being assessed will also be asked to forward some photos to assist the assessor. 

Delivered via Zoom through clients Smart phone (or landline).

Step Three - 'Remote and Resilient Wellness Webinar' (50 minutes)

Under the present circumstances (with Covid-19), more and more employees are still working from home. While it certainly has its advantages (e.g. hanging out with the dog, no travel time), working from home can also come with challenges, including mental, physical and social. These challenges can include fear and anxiety resulting from the current uncertain times. However, there are many positive, useful steps that we can take, to build resilience and continue to thrive. This enjoyable webinar offers many practical ways to overcome the current challenges of working from home!

Webinar Objectives:

At the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Design a helpful daily routine to help stay motivated, remain focused and reduce distractions; as well as maintaining good work-life balance
  • Identify helpful and constructive ways to communicate with colleagues
  • Experiment with creative ways to take breaks and move adequately during the day, to ensure good overall health
  • Distinguish the 3 essential levels of communication for social (and mental) wellbeing and practice a range of useful strategies to achieve these
  • Ensure they continue to enjoy and find meaning in their work

Delivered via Zoom (or similar platform), with a chat function, to multiple employees. The webinar can also be delivered as a seminar, on-site at your Auckland based premises.

Step Four - Combination of Office/Work from home

We are happy to discuss a solution that meets your needs. This might range from our cost-effective in-house staff ergonomic awareness seminar 'Be a Happy Computer User' to help people ensure they are set up safely in the office, to, comprehensive 1:1 workstation assessments.  

NOTE: We are happy to adapt our services to meet your organisations needs during these challenging and rapidly changing times. Feel free to contact us to chat about your specific requirements and evolving needs.


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