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Workplace Wellness Programme Design

Workplace wellbeing design made easy!


Let us help you get started on the right track!

Joyworkz takes the stress out of designing a workplace wellness program*, by making it simple and easy to get an effective and targeted programme under-way.

We offer independent coaching advice to help companies design effective workplace wellness programs.

We love working with small to medium enterprises (SMEs) but are also involved with corporate wellness, offering wellness corporate solutions. 

This will help you target your areas of greatest need and maximise your investment.


What's involved:

We will meet with you to ascertain what your company is already doing well with workplace wellness and any areas for improvement. We will discuss with you any current health risks/concerns you have as well as specific objectives for your future wellness programme.

Within 7 days we will forward you a fully tailored SimplyWell™ Audit and Programme Toolkit. This  toolkit will clearly guide you through the four important steps of successful workplace wellness program design:

  1. Aim to Create a culture of health  
  2. Benchmark by assessing current risks and strengths 
  3. Design and implement a programme that suits you
  4. Evaluate your programme against programme objectives 

The toolkit will include:

  • A summary of your current strengths.
  • Current research evidence on why (and how) work wellness works. 
  • A recommended design for a tailored workplace wellness programme that will address your identified risks/concerns and meet your programme objectives
  • A comprehensive listing of low resource (many free), medium resource and high resource options to include in your programme.
  • An easy to use Action Plan Template, so you can get started planning right away!


Wellbeing survey - Additional bench-marking option:

The option also exists for you to invest in an additional bench-marking tool, to gather important base-line data for your programme. The SimplyWell™ On-line Staff Survey is a comprehensive, anonymous survey, that helps you gather important information on your staff’s current health habits. You can use this data to help you assess current risks and strengths, plan a programme tailored to your workplace, and also evaluate your programme (if you also repeat the survey once your programme is finished). 


*A workplace wellness programme moves beyond occupational health and safety at work. It is “an organised programme in the workplace that is intended to assist employees and their family members in making voluntary behaviour changes which reduce their health risk, improves their health knowledge and enhances their individual productivity and wellbeing” (Absolute Advantage, 2006). It includes, but is not limited to diet, physical activity, ergonomics and mental health in the workplace. 

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