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SimplyWell™ takes the stress out of designing a workplace wellness program, by making it simple and easy to get an effective and targeted programme under-way.

Progressive New Zealand companies understand the benefits of a healthy workforce for reducing absenteeism and promoting employee engagement and work productivity. However, sometimes companies don’t have personale with the time or expertise to get things started, or, it is simply too difficult to know where to start. That is where we, with our vast experience in workplace wellness, come in!

Health and safety and beyond

While traditional workplace safety is essential, experts agree that an integrated approach to worker wellbeing through health promotion is now essential, targeting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Team building activities

A wellness programme (for a small to medium enterprise through to a company promoting corporate wellness) has the added advantage of providing a workplace with an array of team building activities that are known to contribute to employee motivation and loyalty.  

Four important steps to success

The SimplyWell™ programme will clearly guide you through four important steps to help you create your own successful wellness program:

  1. Aim to create a culture of health  
  2. Benchmarking – Get the facts! 
  3. Design and implement a programme that suits you
  4. Evaluate – calculate outcomes

wellness programme

How SimplyWell™ works

A Joyworkz wellness consultant will meet with you to ascertain what your company is already doing well and identify your future wellness goals. You will then be provided with a comprehensive, easy to follow "SimplyWell: Audit Report and Programme Toolkit". This report and toolkit will state identified risks and specific objectives for your programme. It will then provide useful suggestions for programme design targeted to help you meet these objectives. We will also include an easy to use Action Plan Template, so you can get started planning right away!

Additional bench-marking survey option

The option also exists for purchasing an additional bench-marking tool, to gather important base-line data for your programme. The SimplyWell On-line Staff Survey is a comprehensive survey that helps you gather important information on your staff’s current health habits.

NOTE: A well planned - rather than an ad hoc - wellness programme helps you target areas of greatest need and maximise your company's financial investment in wellness.


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