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Training to create great workplace wellness/corporate wellness programmes*

Develop expertise. Upskill today!


Powerful 4 hour training session – 1 or more staff (Skype option available)

Training includes:

  • Toolkit to work through – including report and action plan template
  • Great, innovative, workplace wellbeing ideas 
  • How to create a powerful business case for management

What you will learn:

  • Key steps to design a (tailored) programme
  • How to ensure management buy-in/embed wellness into company culture
  • How to assess your companies needs
  • How to set programme objectives
  • How to decide what to include in your programme
  • How to access free workplace wellness resources
  • How to get staff buy-in
  • How to communicate the programme to staff
  • How to evaluate your programme (and plan for the future)

By the end of training you will:

  • Have produced a (draft) report detailing your workplace wellness programme
  • Be ready to fill in your action plan
  • Feel equipped and confident
  • Be upskilled in creating a wellness programme in any workplace context
  • Receive a certificate to verify training completion

Programme credentials:

This training has been designed by professionals with many years’ experience in the workplace wellness sector. Training materials are constantly being updated, in line with latest international and local research and by talking to companies about what works best for them.


*A workplace wellness programme moves beyond occupational health and safety at work. It is “an organised programme in the workplace that is intended to assist employees and their family members in making voluntary behaviour changes which reduce their health risk, improves their health knowledge and enhances their individual productivity and wellbeing” (Absolute Advantage, 2006). It includes, but is not limited to diet, physical activity, ergonomics and mental health in the workplace. 


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