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Wellness Strategy Design

Design partnership service - help where you need it most!

Joyworkz have the knowledge and expertise to assist companies in designing and implementing an effective workplace wellness strategy. Most businesses these days recognise that investing in employee health and wellness is both the right and legal thing to do. However, many are also coming to realise that it is also the smart thing to do. Investing in and supporting workers’ health can result in significant benefits over time.

Designing a workplace wellness strategy should include identifying key needs, setting objectives and measuring the effectiveness of any interventions. The goal is that wellness interventions will be well chosen, effective and result in money well spent. A thorough, methodical, design process is crucial for any size business, including SMEs.

Sometimes, due to busy workloads, companies don’t have staff with the time available to focus on creating a workplace wellness strategy. Or perhaps, they are not sure where to start. That’s where we come in! We can provide you with guidance and support in your wellness journey.

Guidance to design a strategy:

Our knowledgeable consultant, Dr Kathryn Owler, can guide your through a clear, four step process. This affordable service will help you get a cost-effective, practical, strategy underway:

  1. Assessing needs – looking at what data you have already and collecting other information that might be helpful (e.g. via survey or other means) to identify the unique needs of your organisation (e.g. mental health, fitness or nutrition, enhanced employer of choice). This process will help you to focus your efforts where it counts.
  2. Design and planning – creating a well planned strategy based on organisational needs, including completing a workable action plan (e.g. for the next 12 months). This can include a range of interventions (e.g. policies, information, seminars, health challenges), including many free options.
  3. Implementation – we suggest helpful ways to engage staff and get them on board (and can help with programme implementation if need be). 
  4. Evaluating your strategy – helping you plan ways to evaluate your strategy and build results into future planning.

Developing a wellness strategy is a useful intervention for any size business, including SMEs. A well designed – rather than adhoc – wellness strategy, helps target areas of greatest need and maximise return on investment.

Other assistance available:

Whatever stage you are at on your workplace wellness journey, we can help. You might already have a strategy underway, but need a bit of extra assistance in one of the steps above for instance. Please feel free to contact us for a chat to see if we can help. 

Qualifications and experience of consultant:

Dr Kathryn Owler is a director of Joyworkz and has worked in the workplace wellness field for some years now. She is passionate about workplace wellness, as well as helping people enjoy their work. Kathryn has a PhD in Sociology and has worked in several roles including social practice, research and training. Kathryn has published in industry magazines and academic journals on workplace wellness and fun at work. She loves partnering with workplaces on their wellness journey and has recently become a fully accredited (Workplace) Wellness WiseTM practitioner (Wellness Designs/Worksafe Connect, Australia). 


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