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Make workplace wellness easy in 2020!

SimplyWell Package - Keeping Wellness Simple!

Wellness Strategy Design

Consider this Great Value Package designed to make planning both effective and simple! 

What’s included:

  1. Consultation (1-2 hours) – the consultant, Dr Kathryn Owler, will gather information on current initiatives, organisational priorities and current wellbeing needs (can be done face to face or via Skype)
  2. Online staff wellness survey – highlights areas of need and interest (optional, for those who have not already gathered relevant data)
  3. Wellness calendar (for the year) – suggesed calendar targeted to meet your organisations unique needs, identified from the consultation and the staff survey. The calendar will include significant events as relevant (e.g. Mental Health Awareness Week, Pink Shirt Day) and ideas for activities that involve learning, doing and teaching others. It will also include information on where to access free resources. Suggestions may also be made for any relevant supplementary initiatives e.g. flexible working hours.
    (Note, your wellness calendar can be designed from January to December 2020, or, from beginning to the end of your financial year)
  4. Up to 4 in-house wellness seminars (one hour) – select up to 4 seminars provided by our qualified, experienced presenters:

This package is designed to help make the process of wellness planning simple and effective for Auckland based SMEs (and departments or teams of larger companies) in 2020.

Package Investment - only $1999.00 + GST* (normally valued at $2500.00 + GST)

*Offer valid until March 2020


Qualifications and experience of consultant:

Dr Kathryn Owler is a director of Joyworkz and has worked in the workplace wellness field for some years now. She is passionate about helping people enjoy their work. Kathryn has a PhD in Sociology and has worked in several roles including social practice, research and training. Kathryn has published in industry magazines and academic journals on workplace wellness and fun at work. She loves partnering with workplaces on their wellness journey and has recently become a fully accredited (Workplace) Wellness WiseTM practitioner (Wellness Designs/Worksafe Connect, Australia). 


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