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Computer ergonomic assessment training

Learn to conduct Workstation Assessments for your own staff! 

Training WA Assessment 

Your very own on-site 4 hour training and coaching session includes the following:

  • One to one personalised ergonomic assessment training
  • Fully documented 45 page training manual (that you get to keep!)
  • Two "real-life" coached Workstation Assessments (completed with the co-operation of two of your work colleagues)

What you will learn about:

  • What OOS and DPI are, including their contributory factors
  • Why our muscles get sore
  • The value of stretching
  • What to look for when different parts of the body are sore
  • Workstation hardware and software
  • What environmental factors need to be considered
  • What information to request in a pre-evaluation questionaire
  • What questions to ask when carrying out a Workstation Assessment
  • What things to include in your Workstation Assessment Checklist
  • Health & Safety requirements for computer workstations including the OSH Approved Code of Practice.
  • How to successfully complete two "real-life" Workstation Assessments
  • How to choose appropriate office furniture including office chairs & the ergonomic chair, computer table, desks including the standing desk and other kinds of adjustible desk.

Trainer Expertise:

Training is conducted by a professional with over 10 years experience as an assessor; trained in the management of discomfort, pain & injury; and a NZQA work-station assessment accredited practitioner (NZQA standard 17591).

Happy Customers:

A number of New Zealand companies have now received Computer ergonomic assessment training with Joyworkz. Trained staff include office managers, HR advisors and managers and H&S committee members. They are involved in a range of industries including IT, health, insurance and engineering. 95% of those trained rank the course as excellent!

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